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PPC agency

Driving traffic to your E-commerce store and making products fly off the virtual shelves.

Are you getting a

5x ROAS?

In most cases, anything less than 3x-4x return could mean you are still losing money once you account for all costs.

At Prof, we uncover your true ROAS, that ensures you're truly profitable.

What good e-commerce

PPC looks like

Our team have managed over one million SKUs. That's a lot of SKUs. That means we have put in the hours and really know our stuff.

Merchant Center setup

We get your products into Google Ads, error free and ready to go.

Product feed optimisation

We make sure you're using the right titles and images for maximum impact.

CSS setup

Get 20% discount on CPCs if your store is based in the EU. Savings!

Shopping campaigns

Both smart and standard campaigns have pros and cons. We find the best fit for you.


A/B test campaigns to see how different strategies perform. Take learnings and repeat.

COGS level reporting

Custom dashboard and interactive spreadsheets.
We keep you informed.

Walking the walk

We have achieved incredible results for our incredible clients...

What you get with Prof

Focused on ROI

The only reason clients run Google Ads campaigns is because they want to make more money. We focus on doing exactly that. Because if the ad campaigns aren’t profitable, then what’s the point?

Always honest

Instead of constantly convincing clients to increase their budget, we’re open and transparent about what’s working and what isn’t. If ads aren’t right for them, we’re happy to walk away.

Moving faster

We’re a lean, mean, Google ads machine. No account managers or middlemen, just a bunch of people who know exactly what they’re doing. So clients get better results, faster.

Grow faster with

Google Ads

A team of Google Ads specialists who fully manage your campaigns; driving more traffic, generating leads, and skyrocketing your sales.

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Frequently Asked


How many products should I have to advertise on Google?

You can have one product and advertise on Google Ads, providing the product has good unit economics. We found that stores who have AOVs over £40 can perform really well on Google Ads.

How much should I spend?

It depends on many factors such as, CPC, AOV and your business economics. If it's your first time running Google Ads, we will always suggest to start with the smallest budget necessary to ensure we can get the full picture of the market and provide us with good ROI.

How often will you be making updates?

We are in your account every single day.

Can you guarantee ROAS targets?

We would never guarantee any results and would recommend you proceed with caution with anyone who does. What we can guarantee is the right traffic to your store.

When can you start?

This depends on the size of the campaign and if we have a waiting list or not. Generally we get most campaigns up and running within 2-3 weeks of our first conversation.

Nice to

meet you

We’re Prof, and we’re here to grow your business with Google Ads. That’s it really. Why not have a chat and see how we can help?