Customer acquisition

with Google Ads

We help you find the right users for your SaaS product or app. Drive traffic, acquire users, and increase sales with campaigns which focus on ROI.

Customer acquisition

that is focused on ROI

We can help you acquire your first customers or
scale your product to your next fundraising round.

What good customer

acquisition looks like

With over 10 years experience running customer acquisition campaigns, we have learnt how to solve many of the complex problems your business may face when using Google Ads as a marketing channel.

Search campaigns

Target users who are already looking for your product.

Display campaigns

Introduce your product to the right people, at the right time.

Youtube campaigns

Highlight your product USPs and showcase your brand.

Universal app campaigns

Drive installs of your app, at acceptable CPIs.

Attribution modeling

We make sure you understand the story behind the story.


Project the metrics needed to help you fundraise.

Walking the walk

We have achieved incredible results for our incredible clients...

What you get with Prof

Focused on ROI

The only reason clients run Google Ads campaigns is because they want to make more money. We focus on doing exactly that. Because if the ad campaigns aren’t profitable, then what’s the point?

Always honest

Instead of constantly convincing clients to increase their budget, we’re open and transparent about what’s working and what isn’t. If ads aren’t right for them, we’re happy to walk away.

Moving faster

We’re a lean, mean, Google ads machine. No account managers or middlemen, just a bunch of people who know exactly what they’re doing. So clients get better results, faster.

Stop wasting your

ad spend

Google Ads specialists that give you more bang for your buck. Drive traffic, generate leads, and increase sales with campaigns with a focus on ROI.

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Frequently Asked


What strategies do you use for customer acquisition?

We don't believe in marketing funnels. Funnels are generally leaky, and only go in one direction. Instead we take a Growth Loop approach. This means we focus on building campaigns that fuel compounding growth.

We like campaigns that bring you users, who bring you more users, who help you to build more campaigns. Rinse and repeat.

We have 0 customers. Should we go all in on paid acquisition?

In 80% of cases, we would say no.

Stay away from paid acquisition until you have acquired your first users from other (preferably free) channels.

We recommend to focus on finding product market fit first. However, if you're looking to build a MVP (minimum viable product) and want to get your initial users quickly to test your market, paid acquisition is definitely a great option to explore.

Do you only do Google Ads?

We are 110% all in with Google Ads? Need more? We know some great Facebook and SEO specialists, just like us.

What's a good budget for customer acquisition campaigns?

The best way to figure this out is to work out how much it costs on average per click, how many new clients you want per day and your current conversion rate. This will give you initial guide for a starting budget.

What's is your minimum commitment level?

We laugh at long term contracts. It's just 30 days rolling.

How will we kept up to date?

Weekly/biweekly Zooms and Slack are our general go to tools, however we can match your needs.

How quickly can you start?

Our world record is currently 12 hours from first conversation to first conversion. In other words, we can get started very quickly.

Nice to

meet you

We’re Prof, and we’re here to grow your business with Google Ads. That’s it really. Why not have a chat and see how we can help?