Brand awareness

with Google Ads

Increasing brand awareness and engagement so that your name is always front-of-mind.

Brand awareness,

the right way

We get it. You want to get showcase your brand as far and wide across the internet. We can help you do that, but let's make it profitable.

What good brand

awareness looks like

It's not all about chasing impressions. It's about making sure we introduce your brand to the right people at the right time.

Search campaigns

Target people who are already looking for your business.

Display campaigns

Introduce your product to the right people, at the right time.

Remarketing campaigns

Keep your business top-of-mind across long sales cycles.

Youtube campaigns

Highlight your product USPs and showcase your brand.


We build custom and lookalike audiences, based on intent and website behaviour.

Competitor intelligence

We keep an eye out on what your competitors are doing so you don’t have to.

Walking the walk

We have achieved incredible results for our incredible clients...

What you get with Prof

Focused on ROI

The only reason clients run Google Ads campaigns is because they want to make more money. We focus on doing exactly that. Because if the ad campaigns aren’t profitable, then what’s the point?

Always honest

Instead of constantly convincing clients to increase their budget, we’re open and transparent about what’s working and what isn’t. If ads aren’t right for them, we’re happy to walk away.

Moving faster

We’re a lean, mean, Google ads machine. No account managers or middlemen, just a bunch of people who know exactly what they’re doing. So clients get better results, faster.

Turn your Google Ads

into a sales machine

We’re a group of Google Ads geeks here to fully manage your Google Ads, turning clicks into customers and maximising your ROI and profit.

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Frequently Asked


Can you increase our brand awareness across other channels?

We can get a lot done in just Google Ads.

How to track the performance of a brand awareness campaign?

This depends on your goals, but generally we look closely at two main metrics. Bounce rate & CTR.

Whilst impressions are important, would you rather:

a) 1,000 people click on your ad, because it's relevant and so is the site content, so they do not bounce.
b) 10,000 people click on your ad. The ad was not relevant, nor was the website so you had many bounces.

The answer is of course A - Quality over quantity. Always.

What's a good budget for brand awareness campaigns?

We need to work backwards. Taking into account how many relevant people you would like reach, and the estimated CPCs. We can calculate this.

Nice to

meet you

We’re Prof, and we’re here to grow your business with Google Ads. That’s it really. Why not have a chat and see how we can help?